Christmas lonely or alone

I do wonder, why all sudden no one is allowed to be alone with Christmas. Some people are lonely the whole year around and suddenly with Christmas, they should not be alone. I do realise that Christmas can be a very difficult time of the year for some. For example, a good friend of mine her mother past away few years ago and she has no contact with her father. She lost her brother when she was 17 if I remembered correctly. Her mother died on her birthday in November. I had a lot of contact with her and said if you want to, you are always welcome here with Christmas. I don’t want to push her because maybe she wants to be alone. But she didn’t want to be alone.
But she is never lonely because she has amazing friends around her that lives closely. And it is up to her or she wants to be alone or not.

I have written before about loneliness and being alone. I still think that way.

I hate when all those Christmas commercials pass by. Because they can be so hurtful and confronting for those who are lonely, have no families and maybe not even friends. Then seeing all those commercials of how happy, all those people are being together. And then you have a group of people that loves to be alone around that time, but unfortunately they have to socialise because the family or friends wants you take a part of it. I am always how-the-grinch-stole-christmas-c2a9-mgmhappy that I have day and a half for myself. Sometimes my good friend stays here but mostly not. This year we celebrate Christmas Eve already on Friday. That means I have whole Saturday off. Normally I would be whole day off too on first Christmas day, but my sister needs my help Sunday morning so we decided to have breakfast together. That is nice, just two of us. On second Christmas day, we have Christmas dinner at my parents place and we don’t have to come the whole day. Sometimes I go a bit early, like around 3pm, because then we can watch movie together or something like that. And because I am single I don’t have to attend an in-law Christmas dinner too. There are some advantages of being single, while writing that, I smiled.

Just open the doors for those who are lonely and respect those who want to be alone.

I wish you a wonderful holiday!!!


4 thoughts on “Christmas lonely or alone

  1. You are allowed to be alone at Christmas. You don’t have to be like every neurotypical bitch out there.

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