Resolutions or not?

Some people take resolutions every year. So do I, and every year is the same, I don’t make one. Why would I? If I do then I might get disappointed because I haven’t fulfilled any of it. I rather make resolutions during the year.

Because why should you change some things when the new year starts, why not half way or at the moment that you think, now is the time to change. I know some people that say, well it is almost new year, let’s wait till then. I am like, why not now. Why do you have to wait until then?

The funny part, in my case there is one change that just happened to start today! Last week I had more pain, I had some infection in my wrists and hips. Last Friday I went to the doctor. After talking with the doctor, we could only link of one thing and being triggered by other things. Since November I haven’t been eating healthy. I felt tired and more down and suddenly no structure. I was eating too much junk. And of course in all those junk were bad (refined) sugars. Sugars that doesn’t belong in there. That might have been the first trigger and then being so busy to help my sister in the first two weeks after her shoulder surgery and preparing for Christmas was too much for my body. It attacked me make-it-happenon my weak spots.

Doctor’s advice besides having medicine is to cut out all those bad sugars. I can take fruit, bit honey, and all those things that contain natural sugar. It won’t be very easy, because I am use to find comfort in food, mainly bad food, easy food. Of course I know that is wrong and yet there are periods in my life I just can’t stop it, because it is just so easy and comforting. But my body warned me now, I really have to do something about it! It won’t be easy but I will go for it.

A friend of mine accepts a challenge that starts on 7 January and I join her. A friend of her set up a challenge for 10 days to start ‘sugar free’. That means… no more bad sugars. My friend knows that I have been struggling with my bad habit of eating and now she wants to help me by doing this challenge. It is nice to have that support. I am lucky to have such a great friend, too bad we don’t live close.

The reason why I believe that sugars might have that effect was when I was in America for holiday and came back home I expected that my body will started to protest of all those activities I had in that 10 days. But nothing, absolutely nothing! Now looking back at it, I was eating healthy before I went there and when I came back. And I tried to make good choices on food over there.

Bad food can affect the body strongly.  I go for it and I can do it!

Have any of you taken a resolution?


3 thoughts on “Resolutions or not?

  1. Je kunt t …..grappig ik stop juist met eten als t niet goed gaat……en ben er zeker van dat al die verkeerde suikers je gezindheid niet ten goede komen…..ik sta helemaal achter je meid en die tien dagen ga jij GOED doorkomen ❤️

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