About movies

Last Tuesday I watch the movie ‘King of Devil’s Island’ (Kongen av Bastøy). It is a Norwish movie and is base on true story.
Delinquent boys are send to that island to be trained to be good boys. It is known for harsh large_f2jbrd3iqfrbgo82wghan8zqecband strict regime. Their names will be change in one letter and number.
Olav (C1) becomes responsible for Erling (C19) and Ivar (C5) when they arrived. Olav will be able to leave the island soon after 6 years.  But then one the day that he will be able to leave his live changes and choose to fight for the weak, to take revenge.
The actors were amazing, especially the main characters. I really felt disgust by some of them, even felt hate. And really hoped that it will work out fine for some of the boys. I was happy like they were when the ward was send home, filled with disbelieve when he returned and sad when someone died.  I am glad I recorded this movie.

Last Monday I watch ‘Kundun’, another intriguing movie. It is about how Dalai Lama was found and how he became the 14th Dalai Lama. He was force to grow up faster because of the Second World War and invasion of China and making decisions for which he was not prepared. Because of that his coronation started one year earlier, he was only 17.
It was a beautiful movie. Intriguing how he grew up, how he was discovered and how he had to deal with Chinese aggression. Then his journey to leave his country, to become an outcast and it is sad that he will never be able to return to his beloved Tibet.
It was to me a very insightful movie.

I still have many movies to go. Tonight I might watch ‘Hotel Rwanda’ or ‘Hearts of Atlantis’. I do have recently Netflix and I enjoy watching that too. Right now, I want to clear out all the movies I have recorded and that is not on Netflix. But watching those two movies made me realise, I never should stop recording movies I never heard of or I have heard of but never seen it. As often as I have experience, those movies are amazing and very often intriguing. So I decided I still will recording all those movies and series that is not on Netflix and watch it during the week and in the weekend I will watch Netflix. After all, I still have two seasons to go with ‘Sherlock’ before I can watch season four that I am recording. And there are so many TV shows or movies that I want to watch. It is just I don’t want to miss out those great movies that are not on Netflix. I won’t record now very quickly a movie that is very often on TV unless I get so sentimental and want to watch movies like ‘Mary Poppins’ or ‘Annie’ or ‘Sound of Music’ or any of those great old movies.



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