Setting priorities

It is a bit busy in my head again. In two weeks, I go to art congress and now I am like… I have to this and that. Will I also have to that or not? Even though I made a list, it still goes around in my head. I have a bit difficulty to set priority. But this week and next week will preparing for the congress my first priority. And finish drawing for my mom. I have one more week to go before her birthday.

Second priority is eating healthy. My friend and I started sugar free challenge. I bought tumblr_inline_n5bnfny1qz1rmm72bspecial cookbook for sugar free challenge. I have already chosen few recipes for this week to try out. My grocery-shopping list for tomorrow is a bit long but it will be fun. I used to love cooking but along the way, I lost that joy of cooking. Now I want that joy back and try things out.

Third priority is get bit structure back. Last week went well, I walked 5 times and did three evening exercise. Now I need to get other things a bit structured too. I realise it is more important to get few things structured so I don’t feel overwhelmed by other things.

I also need to set work schedule. I clearly need that.
I just decided that I won’t post more than three times a week on my blog, it can be less but no more than three. Sometimes it just takes more time to write then the other time. I just need my time to work on drawings because I want to take that part more seriously and do something with it.

I just need to set priorities and change some priorities. When I planned my working hours then I have to stick to it. It won’t be easy but I go work on that! But I can do it!


4 thoughts on “Setting priorities

  1. It takes a lot of positive attitude to bring yourself to do things but it’s not always easy. I admire you for keeping on and for starting that sugar free challenge as well. I have a sweet tooth and deserts are my best friends. Lol. have a great week and enjoy the conference!

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