Two movies and Sherlock

Last week I watch two movies and the last few days I watch Sherlock. I never seen it so I had to start it from season one.

The movie ‘Hearts of Atlantis’ was intriguing but it couldn’t kept my attention. I read that the movie is based loosely on the book of Stephen King. The actors were great and yet I missed something. Maybe I had high expectations. It was a bit strange story that intriguing. Somehow I felt the no connections with the main characters, they stayed a bit superficially. It was close to a boring movie, but because of the intriguing story I kept watching it.

This part will contain spoilers.
The other movie I saw was ‘Albert Nobbs’. Wow, that was an amazing movie! It is base on short story ‘The Singular Life of Albert  Nobbs’ by George Augustus Moore.
Glenn Close was really good! It was a very impressive movie and shocking how a rape can 220px-albert_nobbs_postertraumatise a woman so she feels safer to dress like a man. The main characters were impressive. A few supporting characters stayed a bit superficial. That is okay because it is all about Glenn Close as Albert Nobbs and she was amazing! There were moments I felt sad and sorry for her. How unfair live can be.
At first, I was thinking it is Glenn Close, right? Or not? And still when it became clear that Albert is a woman I still was like, is it really Glenn Close? At some moments, you could see it was her.
And let’s not forget Janet McTeer as Hubert Page. She was amazing too. I truly thought it was a man until she revealed that she wasn’t.
I really loved this movie.

After that, it was Sherlock time. Now that I have Netflix I could watch it the first three seasons. I recorded season four, first two episodes. I truly enjoyed it. It had a bit of everything, humour, drama and actions. I laughed, was sad and shocked. But what I also love about it is that the main characters aren’t perfect, they are just humans with flaws. The actors were amazing. All of them were casted perfectly.
I can’t wait until episode three! A friend of mine saw episode two last Monday and texted me a shock emoticon. And I was watching episode one. When I got home yesterday from my sis I watched it. And I texted her afterwards the same emoticon, shock! O my goodness… Really?! Seriously!? I can’t wait until episode three.


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