Just random stuff

I am glad I have a kind of quiet month. I am however busy preparing for the art congress. I feel excited about it, ready to learn more and at the same time, I am nervous and doesn’t look forward to be among strangers the whole day. It will be a tiring day, especially because I have to listen the whole day. Probably won’t speak much but take notes ( I much write down to take a notebook with me). For me as hard of hearing can be very tiring to listen the whole day. I had a choice between a morning workshops or a morning with a buddy. I choose for a buddy. The group will be about 4-5 people and the subjects I chosen is how to network, presenting myself and setting up a business. I find it very hard to present networking and myself. So who knows I will learn a lot and have something to work with.

It is just I have no appointments with friends this month, in February I have few. But for now it is nice because I can recover from a very unexpected crazy December and focus on preparing for art congress. But it also gives me time to find a system that works for me. And I think I might have found it. I also started to have a healthier lifestyle. I have been on 80-20% sugar free lifestyle. I actually started to bake and cook more this week and I enjoyed it. I forgot how much I enjoyed that. I am proud that I have maintaining this for 6 didnt-we-cover-this-already1days. Today is day 7. Only thanks to a friend, just knowing that she joined me in doing this is a great support.

January is for sure a month for get things back in order and have a healthier lifestyle. No, it is not my resolution for this year. I never take one. It has been something I struggled with last year. This year I want to stop struggling with some aspect of my life. There is already enough struggle in my head and physically. If I just have found a healthier lifestyle that fits me, then I don’t have to struggle with that anymore. If I have a system that works for me so I won’t lose overview on things I want/have/must do. I know that my head will always have up and downs moments but if I can do all those things then maybe I don’t need medicine for a long time. Because last week I thought for the first time that I might need antidepressants. I just don’t want that yet. I am realistic enough to know that it will happen someday in the future, just not now.

I have another quiet weekend; the weather will not be so great. It is perfect reason to stay home and read a lot or watch TV.

I wish you all a lovely weekend!



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