Eating healthy

I have been living for 9 days on sugar awareness rule. That means 80% no sugar. Because of that rule, I feel no guilt when I have a hot chocolate, but I take the healthy version. I thought it would be so hard to change, but it isn’t. It is easier than I expected. Maybe it helps that I have a cookbook with delicious recipes that contains no sugars or very minimum.

I made gingerbread (the best translation I can make of ontbijtkoek). The gingerbread you buy in the store contains a lots of sugars, one slice contains about 3-5 sugar cubes. In gingerbread that I made only contain two tablespoon honey, so can you imagine how many sugar contains in one slice, barely. When my mom tried one she said, you can taste there is no sugar in it. The only thing I have to do is to find out how to make it less compact. But for the first time is not bad. And I was done in no

Last week I also noticed that my pleasure in cooking has returned. For a long time I felt too tired or just no energy to cook. But now I just enjoy it again, especially trying new things.  And in a way I feel better without it. I can’t explain it, but I don’t feel blown up and I have lost weight.

I thought it would be really hard to maintain it, but I feel that I can maintain this. Time will tell. Last year I did great to for long time. Now looking back to it I realise the food was getting bored. Because I didn’t know very well what I can change or cook differently. I did buy a cookbook then but the recipe was very complicated and I kept so many leftovers of ingredients. The recipes in this cookbook look easier and in many recipes, I can use the same ingredients. And go with the flow. Like with pancakes, it doesn’t say you need so many water, but just as much water as you like. So I can make a thick pancake or thin pancake. I kind of like that idea.

This week I will not try many recipes because I spend a bit too much money on grocery shopping last week. This week I will try a new recipe tomorrow and depending on how much money I have left Friday then I might try another one this weekend.

I am happy that my joy for cooking has returned and I really hope that I can maintain this lifestyle for always. And because of the rule 80-20 make it easier when I go out for lunch or dinner. Of course, I will make the right choices but no guilt if I choose something that is not that healthy.


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