Get finances in order

Last week I found more things to cut back on financially. I really have now reached the limit of cutting back. I hope the way I going to do it this year I will be able to save. It was really a puzzle, how and what. Now I know what I want in cash and what I want to keep on my bank account.

This year I probably won’t go on holiday, except once to France with my parents because that doesn’t costs me anything. Even though I would love to go to Terschelling, an island up in the north of my country, I just can’t afford it. Not if I want to save for another holiday, Scotland. I want to go next year to Scotland with a friend of mine. If we both have enough money for it.

I am proud that I am even been able to say goodbye to my library card. Well I still have it How to save money. 'This book is late. That's a three pound fine.'until the end of February. But I have about 167 unread books at home, so yeah… And I can borrow from my family and friends. If I want too I always can take the three months card instead of a year.

I never was a big spender so in a way it is not that hard. I do find it hard that I just can’t buy books when I want to. There are still many books I want to buy then my collection is complete. But I just can’t. I do have planned in my administration some money for the books. I want to save it up until the end of the year. Base on what I have I can buy books what I would love to have. The same with clothes, I have a budget and I have no intention to cross that line this year.

I have for lots of things budgets, and some of the budget stays on my bank account and some I will have it in cash. By having it cash I have better overview on what I spend. It is so easy to use the card but that is also the easiest way to lose overview on where the money goes and how much you still have left. I have no debts with any companies and I have any intention to keep it that way.

However, I do have notice eating sugar awareness isn’t cheap. But I think I can cope with it by being creative.  The last two weeks was a bit expensive because I needed ingredients I didn’t had. Some of the ingredients I can save it for long and only need a little bit of it. It is not like I will have spend a lot every week, I hope. I want to continue eating this way but I will not cross my budget for it. If I don’t have it then I just don’t have it. Then I will adapt the recipe.


2 thoughts on “Get finances in order

  1. Hello, I pretty much understand your situation, and I too feel the same way. Finances are crucial, definitely essential item. Why don’t you take part-time jobs, online shop, invest, or sell services, etc? 🙂

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