Last Monday

Last Monday I went to art conference. I was nervous, no idea what I can expect, what will I learn and most of all, won’t it be a waste of my time and that I won’t be so exhausted?

I made sure that I relaxed last weekend. Friday I already have gather the stuff around that I needed for Monday to make sure I can let it go until Monday. Saturday I spend whole day on my couch and reading, I really love those days, just read the whole day.50edfef0-bcd1-012f-a670-005056960004.jpg
On Sunday, I wanted to finish my puzzle of Anton Pieck. He is one of my favorite artists and I have 10 puzzles of his artwork. Some of them are difficult but I enjoy it. I finally finished it and was proud of it. In the afternoon some reading, started a new book. Then continue watching Dr. Who.

Monday I checked or there was any problem with the train, yep, as always! Always when I go by train there is always something going on.
Before we started, I was reading a bit, charging my energy. After opening speech, there were few small groups. Each group had a buddy, a person who has experiences in the art world. It was interesting and I learned a lot. I go to change my website and the name of the website. I also go to spend more time on creating professional portfolio. I knew it mine was amateurish but then again I had no idea how to set that up. That is why I went to the conference to learn.
During lunch, I had a good conversation with a man that works for Regional Bureau self-employment. He gave me few eye openers and kind of direction, focus where I should go for it. What is my strength? Use it!
After that there was lecture about art and how to experiences it. There is a museum in Eindhoven, Van Abbemuseum that made it possible for all people to experience art. Blind people can feel some of the art and painting that were printed in 3D so they can feel how it looks. A guide knows sign language. The deaf and hard of hearing people can get more information and there is no hesitation anymore to ask questions or that you need to take your own interpreter. For people who are not be able to leave the house anymore is a robot with camera. A guide will walk with the robot through the museum and explain. The woman that was telling this works there and she got all so excited about what the museum has accomplish and more things want to do. To make sure it is accessible for everyone! I never went to that museum, is about modern and these days art. I am not really all into modern art.
After that the jury has chosen three art and public voted for an art. I don’t really understand why the jury have chosen those three, well I can see with two why, but the third one, no. I do however understand the public choice, because it was one of my three favourites.

Overall, it was a good day and when I got home, I did feel a bit tired but I still had energy. I do notices I have more energy since I quite on sugar but I think I also still had energy because it was a good day.


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