Not controlled by number

Last week I was eating healthy and I still do. I was disappointed that I haven’t lost any weight last Monday. This time I wasn’t focus that much on the number but more on how I feel. I really felt more energetic. Normally when I see that I haven’t lost anything after eating healthy for a whole week, I would have started eating unhealthy again for few days. Why would I even try? Why bother? Why am I doing this? Not this time, this time I listened to how I felt and decided that I won’t give in negative thoughts. I listen to how I felt.

Yesterday I have weighted again and I lost some. I am happy that I didn’t give in negative thoughts. I felt good and I know I am on the right track. Somehow, it isn’t hard anymore. When I go for grocery shopping, I stick to the list. Nothing extra, I just don’t care for chocolate or chips anymore. I thought it would be hard to give up. Until now, I have not once craved for bad food. I a714b166fda7331716fabffba120ca75do have chocolate in my kitchen, 85% chocolate. Yet somehow, I manage to leave it. Sometimes I just wonder, what happened to me? Has an alien taken
over my body? Who am I?

I’m learning to listen more to how I feel and try not to let the numbers control me anymore. I have seen the evidence last week. Stick to how I feel and knowing that I eat healthier, I feel more energetic, I feel less tired. Of course, I have been on this track for only three weeks. I realise that all those time I tried to lose weight I was more controlled by the number. I still felt tired and still gave in my mainly negative emotions/thoughts. It was for me the first time I listen more to how I felt and kind of ignore the number.  Listen more to common sense, I am on the right track; I am eating healthy; I feel good; I walk almost every day and depending on my schedule, I exercise three times a week.  That is more important than a number.

I don’t even count the calories, carbs or anything. I do pay attention to it when I do grocery shopping and take something that has less carbs and no refined sugar in it. When I plan my week menu, I don’t count. I just look to what kind of day I have. Do I have an easy day or busy day? Base on that I plan my menu. If I going to start to count all those things then it will take couple hours to set up a menu for the week, and I might get depress. I am perfectly happy with it the way I do it now and with how I feel right now and hold on to that is more important than the numbers.



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