Busy week and I am proud of myself

This week is a busy week. Last Wednesday I went with my mother to the museum, Palace ‘t Loo. It was my birthday present to my mom. We had a lovely time.
There was a special exposition about Anna Paulowna (Anna Pavlovna). She was related to the Romanov, her father and then her oldest brother were the tsar of Russia. She was married to King Willem II of the Netherlands.

Yesterday in the afternoon, I went to an old lady to read. She can hardly see and I am been doing this now for about 8 years. Every Thursday I go to her and read few pages. When she gets tired then we stop. We both enjoy it and that way I do something useful.

Today I go to see a friend of mine and have dinner at her place. Look forward to chat with her.

Tomorrow I go to a concert with a good friend of mine. We both are excited. Hessel is not really big star in my country and yet lots of people knows him. The people that know him are the people that live on the island Terschelling or tourists like me that went to his cafe to see him perform. These days he performs together with his daughter. Now and then, he goes to perform in a stadium. And this time together with his daughter. I have been to his cafe and saw him perform twice. I am curious about tomorrow, will it be as great as it was in his cafe. It will be fun anyway with my friend.

Last weekend I was super tired and no idea why! I even took a nap last Saturday. Monday I was still a bit tired and unfortunately, I bought unhealthy snacks. But forcartoon-proud-business-woman-by-ron-leishman-8559 the first time I had no feeling of guilt about it. I was a bit disappointed but no guilt. I was like, well so be it. I had confidence that I won’t fall in the old trap. Normally if I snacked unhealthy, I feel
guilty and think, o well my week is ruined anyway. So let do it again tomorrow. Not this time!
The rest of the week, I didn’t care about unhealthy food anymore. I still feel a bit tired but not as bad as last weekend. I am proud of myself that I am now be able to stay strong and not give in. Especially in a week like this when it is busy. Normally like yesterday, when I walk on my way home from the old lady and feeling tired I buy snack, too tired to cook. Yesterday I tested myself. I went to the mall to buy few things I needed and I sticked to the list! It really made me proud of myself!


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