Movies and shows I have seen

I like my arrangement, Monday till Thursday I watch what I have recorded. And Friday till Sunday I watch Netflix.

Stranger Things, I couldn’t stop watching. It is very intriguing and with now and then surprising twists. I read there will be season 2.
Happy Feet 2, it’s not as fun and original as the first one. Just a bit boring.
Big Hero 6, I truly enjoy that one! Funny, sad, exciting. The main characters really had great personality. The extra’s characters had a bit flat personalities. I really enjoyed this one.
Penny Dreadful, I watch three episodes or something and somehow, it didn’t get me. It was intriguing show. But I just felt I miss something that make me say, wow!! My sister said I have to continue watching it, because it really will get better. So I will give the show a second chance later.
Brother Bear 2, that was fun! Just as fun as the first one.
Dr. Who, I have started watching it somewhere at the end of season 6. And on Netflix they have started season 5. I am in season 6 now and now I get it. I love it! What makes Dr. Who woman-watching-tv-clipart-clipart-panda-free-clipart-images-opmsf5-clipartgreat, I don’t know, I just love it!
Inside Out, I have seen it for the second time. And I still enjoyed it! It is fun to think that it how it might work in our brain.

Disconnect, a sad movie and it is reality for some people. People that has to deal with identity fraud, cyber bully. It made me more aware of how careful we have to be with personal information on internet and with emails. It was really a very good movie to watch and learn.
Call the Midwife, I love that show!! I do miss Sister Evangelina. It is a show that makes me laugh, cry, angry, happy.
Indian Summer, very interesting how it was back then when India was still a part of UK. It is second season and final one.
Legend of the Guardians: The Owl’s of Ga’Hoole, I have enjoyed it so much! Visual was really beautiful and had all ingredients that an animated movie required.
Los abrazos rotos, it’s a very intriguing story, not one dull moment. Great characters and each of them had really personalities. (That is why I keep recording movies.)
Jordskott, it’s a very interesting and unusual show. First, you think you watching a detective show and then suddenly something mysterious is happening. It is combined with the local myths. I just read that there will be season 2. I still have to finish this one, no idea how the story will go.
The Dark Horse, it’s base on true story. Genesis Potini passed away in 2011, he had a bipolar disorder and a chess genie and lived in New Zealand. . He could have been a great chess player if his disorder didn’t get in the way. Now he wants to help kids to get back on track by learning chess. That way he helps the children to believe in themselves. It has not been an easy road for Genesis but he went for it because he believed in those children. Really an integer movie.

That is why I keep recording movies. Some movies I just delete it after 10 minutes and some movies like The Dark Horse I always check of Netflix have it, if not then I record it.


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