System that works for me

I finally have found a system that works for me. Every Sunday I sit down with weekly to do list and calendar. I add appointments to do list and plan to do list for the week. Then every evening I sit down with different calendar that has a timetable and I plan the next day. This works for me, I even have more free time.

I used to have only some kind of to do planner but sometimes I overlooked things or I just felt very stress out because there was some much on the list. If something suddenly changed or made an appointment I stressed out too, because now I can’t do everything of my to do list. My to do list is a reminder of what I want to do that day. By planning every evening the next day and use my timetable calendar works. Somehow, I manage to stress out less. Well, honestly, I have hardly stress because I know I get things done, if not today then tomorrow and can you imagine, I am a perfectionist and saying that! My timetable calendar is an indication. If it’s taking a bit longer that is okay and if I haven’t finish it but really have to go then I do it tomorrow. Like last Friday, I cleaned my livdownloading room and I have planned to do my bookcases. It took a bit longer then I planned. Then I have few options… continue with bookcases after lunch and skip walking or finish it next week or finish after lunch and still have my walk and have less time to draw. I choose for the last option, because I still had two hours time to draw instead of three. That was for me a perfect solution.

With this system I become more relax, have more time to read, I even have more time to cook/bake. Even more time to do something extra with cleaning. Every week I choose one object extra with cleaning. Last week was my bookcases. This week I might add the cupboards when I do the kitchen or give the shower extra cleaning. It will depend whether I get unexpected appointment this week and on how I feel. Because at this moment I have lots of pain in my shoulder, so I’m not sure I can do that extra cleaning and that is okay. I can do it next week and just stick to the basic cleaning.

The next thing I want to work on is stay focus and just do one thing at a time. Especially when I am working on my laptop, it is so easy to wonder around on the internet.  I also sometimes get restless when I am drawing, and then I’m texting people, do other little stuff between, or have my tablet on. I really have to focus on drawing. I do remember I was more focus with drawing when I had music on. That means music on while I draw.

I am happy with this system.


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