Overdid a bit

It had not been a great week. I have gained a bit weight and I realised that I was too much focussed on eating healthy food that I forgot to look to carbs too. The key is to find the right balance. The importing thing is that I feel good. Okay at this moment not, I have lot of pain. Possible I have asked a bit too much of my body and really has been a very long time that fibromyalgia strike that hard. Maybe my body is now responding on the changes that I made. It is not use to figure out why my body is painful.

I can see physical therapist next week. I am pretty sure that after a massage my muscles will feel better. But for now I better listen a bit more to my body and take a bit more rest. I already told my fri70d4022143e50f7a9a951f0a75546aaeend who is coming tomorrow and stay for a night that I have more pain. So he is prepared, not like I get moody or something but that he can’t expect me to be very active. But we have anyway movie night so that is low-key activity. Maybe he will do some cleaning for me, but I fear there is not much cleaning to do because I have done it all. To be honest, it makes me proud that despise the pain I manage to keep track on cleaning and even been able have my walk few times and I did exercise twice last week. The last part was maybe not so smart to do. That means no exercise tonight, sometimes I really have to listen to what my body is whispering or shouting to me. At this moments is kind of shouting, or writing in all capital. Am I upset about it? No. Because I can rationalise it, I might have overdone it or maybe it is the sign that my body is now aware of my change of food and need to adapt that or whatever. I have learned through the years not to be upset about it because it is waste of energy. And it will pass. I just have to adapt it a bit.

I can say cutting out refined sugar for sure helped me on my mental level. Even though I can still feel gloomy but no longer in the direction of depression. Because normally when I feel lot of pain I get more depress. Not this time, I am like, o well it is what it is and move on.

I can say I’m making progress.


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