My relationship with Social Media

Somewhere in January, I decided that I’m going to ignore Facebook in the weekends. I must say, I enjoy that. First, I don’t have Facebook on my phone. I put it on my phone if I am gone for a weekend or something big is happening. I find it relaxing. Even though I need my tablet in the weekend because of Netflix, somehow it is so easy to ignore Facebook. I have no Twitter for a while. I don’t even miss it.

Next step is, only read two or three times a day news, and only on tablet. I have to let go the feeling of that I will miss something that important. Then I have to remind myself, what if I had a job, and then I wasn’t be able to read news very often. And by reading only on my tablet then I won’t waste my time on my laptop and use my laptop time properly. I will do that too with Facebook. I also hope that this will help me to stay focussed on one thing and not wandering around. I really having a hard time to stay focussed on one thing.

I love Instagram, I love watching pictures especially nature/animal pictures and inspiring quotes. But I do have noticed that when I am tired or restless that I keep looking at Instagram. I really want to cut that down. Last week because of lots of pain, I founded scrolling throu14292247_1107398005962678_9157958593752774370_ngh Instagram relaxing but my eyes were getting tired and it also caused more neck pain. I have to find right balance.

One thing I want to make more time, reading blogs. I honestly don’t take the time to read the blogs. And I know that there are great and inspiring blogs to read. Maybe I should try to plan three times a week to read the blogs.

Social Media is great but sometimes just too much time-consuming. I could spend that time on reading a book, or watch TV or cleaning or walking. I wrote last week about a system that works for me. Because of that system, I have so much more time to read. More time to relax. Because honestly Social Media isn’t always relaxing.

I will be the last person to say no to Social Media, because of Social Media I met an amazing friend from the USA. And stay in touch with friends. Because of Social  Media I made more friends and some even became very good friends. The only thing, it has controlled me very long time, out of fear I missed something important. But if it’s really important my friends will text me. I have to do what I love to do and relax me. And that is drawing, walking and reading.

I feel I am getting on the right track, is just matter of finding a balance.

Ps: the picture is in Dutch. It is about how to stay focus, what can I do to stay focussed.


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