Bye Bye Library Card

This week I dropped my last library book of at the library. It is kind of strange idea that I have no longer a library card. I have been a member of the library as long as I can remember. But I just can’t afford it anymore and I have about 170 unread books at home, so… yeah!

Still it is strange, library was my kind of backup plan. If I don’t know what I want to read or there is a specific book that I want to read, there was always library I could count on. I loved strolling around, pick books that I never heard of, and have my bag full of books that seems interesting to read. Even though, I have loads of books at home waiting for me to read I still like thcartoon-of-the-day-books-4e swap between my own books and library books. It also depends on my mood. Sometimes I like to read a few horror books in a row, and I don’t have many horror books.

Anyway, from now on I read my own books and books I borrow from my family and friends. My library do however have also three months card. So possible that next year I take that three months card and then read only library books for three months.

At this moment, I read books that I borrowed from my friends, A Series of Unfortunate Events. I truly enjoy those books. I am reading part six now and my friend is coming next month and take hopefully the rest of the series with her. Then I can finish it. I also have few other books of her, but not sure, will I start with her books or with Goodreads challenge books. I still have to find 4 books for the challenge and 3 for the advanced part. Some of it will be reread and I don’t mind that. I could use some books for different topics but I rather want have for each topic a book. I will have to decide it later today with which book I will start after I finished part six.

I will have a good use of my library card, for my next workshop I need a card to paint. Don’t ask how or what, I will learn it by then. That way I don’t have to let it go, I know, I get a bit sentimental over a stupid library card. Good thing, I don’t always take myself seriously.


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