O, great, an INFJ type

I wrote before about introversion and that I haven’t realise until few years ago that I am an introvert. Not until a year or two, I actually read more about it. I did few tests on different site, most were MBTI tests. All tests told me I am an introvert and almost all tests told my type of introversion is INFJ. I was like okay, nice to know that.

Anyway, by the end of last my friend asked me or I did MBTI test. I said yes and that the result is INFJ. She told me that it was the rarest type. I was like, really?!? Of all the possibilities, I have the rarest one! Great! (imagine me saying that with a sarcastic voice.)  Less than one percent of the population is INFJ type, really! (again, sarcastic vo
ice.) I decided to learn more about INFJ.

I am as most introverts are, selective with whom I consider my closest friends. Some I
know for decades, longest one is almost 40 years. I also rather spend one on one with my friends. That way I have quality time with them, like last Wednesday I had a lovely time with a good friend of mine. She was one of the few people I became very quickly close friends with and we are still friends for almost 7 years. Because of her, I start becoming a horror fan too!

I hear and see very often, what people don’t say. Maybe partly of my hearing problem I am also very well aware of the body language. It speaks more than words. Especially when I used to work in old people homes, I very often senses when someone needed a one on one talk. Very often in my lunch break, I go to their apartments to check on them or they are okay. Every tim39c6c89551d785fab37aa85789e924f6e I was, right and they share what is on their mind. I try to help them by giving advice or with their permission taking actions.  It felt good if I could help them this way. At the same time, it was also very draining and every day I came home very tired. It is not only the pain that can be tiresome but also be around people the whole day and sensing their emotions and listening to them. It takes a bit more energy for me to listen because of my hearing problem.

I totally don’t like conflicts or fights. I avoid it as much as I can, but sometimes there are no choices and go for it. If I do then I like to prepare myself for it. Sometimes it is not possible. I remember when I use to work in England and the manager asked me why none of us asked how her holiday was. It was on a Saturday afternoon, the others were busy in the shop and we both were busy in the workspace behind the shop. I was like, okay… Do I tell her honestly why or find a way out to avoid conflicts. I told her calmly why we don’t care how her holiday was because of her behaviour. We don’t like you as a person. It might sound harsh but it was a good conversation and she did change but sadly, it was temporally change.

It also explains why I feel like I don’t fit in anywhere. I especially felt that very strongly when I was younger. Now I am happy with the friends I have and just do what I want and love to do.

It is a very long post; normally I try to stick around 500 words. It became more then 600 words, and I still feel like I can write more about it. Save it for the next time.


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