Yes! Made it, 1000 Happy Days

Today is my last day of Happy Days challenge. I have doing it for 1000 days! A friend of mine started with it and I liked the idea. Especially when I was depressed and felt that, I had a boring life. Well maybe I do but more like, there isn’t much that makes me happy and feeling lonely/alone. And very often as the media very often point out, happiness can only be found in big things/goals. At least that was how I felt, because what have I accomplish in my life. Back then, I thought and felt, I have accomplished nothing my life. Even though I might have done some great stuff like being part for few years in psychological research team, I was a part of it from patient perspective. It was something new and they wanted a patient with fibromyalgia in their team and I was proud to be a part of it. Or have set up a forum for patient organisation and seeing it becoming a success. Yes of course I can be proud of all that and yet, still I felt I accomplished nothing, nothing big.

By doing those happy days challenge I learned that happiness is not been found in big 6c9ddfb7bc1504371640e4cbf96d3af5things but in small things.

My happiness are:
– Family;
– Friends;
– Reading;
– Hot chocolate / cup of tea;
– Baking/cooking;
– Walking, especially when I am surrounded by nature;
– Nature;
– Drawing;
– Watching movies/series;
– Animals, pictures of my sis cats for sure pass by few times;
– Reading to an old lady;

Those subjects pass by a lot in my 1000 days. These are the things makes me happy and realising it is all about small things.

In the last 1000 days, I went to two concerts and enjoyed very much. And for sure one big thing happened in 1000 days, that really made me happy, finally seeing me dear friend from the States. Last year I went to the States and stayed there for 10 days. I truly have enjoyed it so much!

Looking back, I am grateful for all those moments and knowing I have amazing friends, close and far. I am not alone. And I have learned what I love and that happiness is in small things. It is not about material stuff (except books, of course), is not about living large, and is not about big goals. It is about love, happiness, small goals, and small things.

Will I miss it, no, I don’t think so. Because it became harder and harder to make a creative and original picture, like o no, again a picture of tea and book.
I will put all those 1000 pictures in an album. Just whenever depression hits me, I can look 201501_1438_gdhbd_smthrough it and seeing that I do have a wonderful life, family and friends.

To celebrate it I baked a cake that will be my happy moment for today! Unless it tastes badly, then I will buy a muffin, chocolate one of course! I never baked a banana/chocolate cake. It definitely looks good, but it doesn’t always means that it taste great.

Anyway… I did it!




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