Few movies I have seen

Few weeks ago, a close friend of mine stayed here for a movie night. We always try to watch few horror movies. But he wanted to see some animated movie. So we watched Zootroplis and Megamind.  He has never seen those movies and I was like, really!? Never?! I didn’t mind to watch it again, I always enjoy watch those movies. Especially when I have restless mind, I find it very relaxing to watch those kinds of movies.

Then we watched Mirror. A very good movie! Sometimes I just was like, where is my pillow? Will I even be able to look in the mirror again? I was also like, I never would have wanted to work as security in that kind of place. If something happened or not is just creepy! I enjoyed the movie!

Other three movies I have watch the last couple few weeks were ‘Hotel Rwanda’, ‘Syrian’ and ‘The Butler’. All three was shocking but ‘Hotel Rwanda’ was the most shocking movie. I have heard about those terrible actions but seeing it like this was shocking and then I count my blessing for where I live. But also how quickly things can change by the dead of a leader or important leading figure. Very scaring thought! The_Butler_poster
‘Syrian’ was interesting to watch and how corrupt companies can be! Clearly not all choices are in the best interest of the people, but of the companies and I fear that will never change!
‘The Butler’ is base on true story and watch it last night. It was intriguing movie and interesting. Even though in 1865 slavery ended but I just read that not all states ended slavery at the same time. I just learned that the state Mississippi was the last state that ended slavery, not until 1995, and then in 2009 discriminating laws has been withdrawn that already has been declared unconstitutional in 1967. I do now understand more how come that this issue is still very delicate point to talk about it in some states. Very interesting Google and read about it. But at the same time I can’t deny it that I am a bit shocked about these facts.

And of course I have watch lots of series, like ‘Legion’, ‘A-word’, ‘The Blacklist’, ‘666 Park Avenue’, ‘Br. Bull’, ‘Dr. Who’, ‘Indian Summer’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’.



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