Proud of myself

Gosh, a week working in my flat was a bit too much asked of my body. But I almost did everything what I wanted to do. I am happy and proud that I did it. I enjoyed, especially when I see the results and I finally can mark it as done on my to do list. Some things have been for years on my list. I am happy about it.

However, I will do it differently from now on. Once a month on a Friday, I will do something in my flat. Do no more then what I have put on my list to do on that day. I for sure will not plan a week anymore, it is clearly that it is not working well for me. My body images (2)doesn’t like me very much at this moment.

My parents helped me with few things, like breaking down my old wardrobe and bring it recycling compound. Then change my bed from one end to the other. They also helped me with hanging paintings and stuff on the wall. I took time for the other things I had to do.

Next thing on my list will be, finish off painting a doorframe and then paint one wall of my bedroom. If I still have paint left, do another wall. But I am not sure I will be able to paint both walls on one day. When I have enough money then I want a new bed, carpet and curtains. For now, I am happy with the first steps I took to finish some and renewing things. Of course, I am depended on my financial situation. Luckily, I already had white and blue paint and still were good for use. Maybe for my bedroom I might buy extra white paint, but I heard from a friend where is cheaper. Then mix it myself with blue paint that I have.

Anyway, it did me well on mentally level. Because of that I don’t mind that I am in more pain at this moment. I just feel good, happy and proud and that matters more for me now. .


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