A bit more about books

You might have notices I love reading, reading is for me very relaxing.
I use to have a Dutch book blog but few years ago, I stop with my blog because I was struggling with depression and my focus wasn’t very well. Also, I wasn’t motivated anymore to write reviews. I used to receive books from publishers. I really enjoyed writing it until that joy was gone. I had to force myself to write. Then is time to stop. It was a difficult decision but afterwards it gave me more peace and I could read whatever I want bonus7without to think, that is something I should mention it and use this quote etc…
That blog still exist because of the reviews I wrote, people still find them by Google and email interviews I had with some authors.

Don’t worry, this blog won’t become another book blog because that is not why I started this blog. You can read here why I started. However, it became more than just writing about depression, it became overall about me life.
But I do kind of miss it to write a bit more about it, like review and I want to spread out challenge lists and reading list. That is why I decided to post it every week something about subject reading/book.

I have to go, I have lunch at my parents place and then to workshop painting. I enjoy going to workshop.

Have a nice day!



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