Back on track

Lately I haven’t been doing it great with food, too much chocolate and bad chips. I still exercise and walk a lot. Walking is very relaxing for me. I have exercise now 4 times a week instead of three. I use to plan on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but when I have appointment then I exercise only once or twice a week. That is not enough for me if I want to make sure that my muscles stay strong. That is why I change it to Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. That way I know I will at least exercise three times a week. I don’t do an half hour, that will be too much ask of my body to do that four times a week. I set alarm for 20 minutes. When alarm goes off and I am not done with it then I finish it. After that, I take 5-10 minutes time to stretch. The combination works well for me. I walk at least four times a week for about a half hour.

That goes well but what comes to food, not that great. However I do feel no guilt anymore 7a06a2412b961e62b7c55979473cdf4awhen it goes wrong, just a bit bummed that I gave in to sugar again. At least that is a win. I always used to feel guilty and angry with myself for giving in, for being weak. But no more! I am not angry nor feel guilty. For this moment, it just happened and I do know that my breakfast and lunch are always healthy. It is just my diner; it is sometimes chocolate and chips instead of healthy meal. It is not like the whole day goes wrong, just late afternoon. I don’t have those stuff in my flat but I live only few minutes’ walk from the mall. It is easy for me to say, let go to the mall and buy something unhealthy.
I read an article that says that sugar as addictive as cocaine.
Unfortunately, sugar is added in lots of product, in almost everything. If I could afford it, I would buy nothing but organic food, but I can’t. I do however read the labels and don’t buy it if there is sugars added. Like I said, it goes wrong in the afternoon and I crave for something, I guess sugars. My brain needs more time to adjust to the change.

I decided if I manage to eat healthy for 60 days then as reward I allow myself to buy a book. I just read a Dutch article about a research, that a person needs about 66 days to change behaviour/thoughts. If it goes wrong, then start over again. I manage earlier this year to hold one for about a month then it went wrong slowly. I did maintain to hold on to healthy breakfast and lunch.  I did maintain walking and started exercise again.

I have to look at those positive aspects too. Not everything went that badly. It is just one aspect to be honest, so not bad at all.

Today I go back on track with eating healthy diners, cut out refined sugars again, day 1. I can do it!



2 thoughts on “Back on track

  1. Je doet t keigoed en ik herken t wel……de namiddag en de avonden zijn soms zoooo niet leuk en dan is iets lekkers gauw genomen, knap dat je je niet schuldig voelt moet je ook niet doen want je doet t echt super goed … zo door meid ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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