Dutch Comic Con

Last Saturday I went with a good friend to Dutch Comic Con. It was our first time and we had fun! It was fun see all those people dress up, seeing Belle talking with a character from Star Wars or Captain Janeway talking to professor Dumbledore and see little Batman running around or Astrix without Obelix. All those worlds have collided for one day.

There was so much to see and incredible lots of people of all ages. We were about 4 hours there. She bought few stuff for her son, he must be very happy with all those stuff. I bought comic books of Elfquest. I do have the Dutch version but not all storylines are available in Dutch. I was looking for something else and then I saw Elfquest, I was like, o my gosh! Wow!! Then I found two complete set. I wasn’t sure, get both or only one. I decided go a bit over my budget (1 Euro over) and bought both. I was so happEQ-elfquest-1115406_395_505y with it. Now I have to Google about all the storylines of Elfquest and which one are in Dutch and how it is called in English so I know which one I still have to have. At that moment, I decided I would if it’s possible collect all Elfquest comics. I was really over the moon with this unexpected finding.
Too bad that there wasn’t any well known Dutch comic for sell. It was mostly Marvels and DC. My friend an dI were like, it is Dutch Comic Con, so I think I can expect some Dutch ones too.

There were so many cool stuff but the last couple years I became more minimalism about random stuff. I will not minimalism on comic books or books! But any other stuff, nuh. I am glad I am stronger now to say no. At the end, we encountered a bookstore and I saw they had the book ‘It’ from Stephen King. I couldn’t leave it. It has been on my list for a while and yeah, definitely way over budget now! For the next few months, I will not be able to buy books or comic books. But Elfquest was so worth it! Really, so worth it! I guess I am still over the moon!

It was a fun and great day and we for sure want to go again!


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