Lazy Sunday

I had a lovely day yesterday, did nothing!

Saturday was unexpected busier then I planned. The whole morning I was busy, with things I did planned and I didn’t plan, that was helping my sister. She was happy with my help and I am glad I could help her. And as usual doing a bit more.
When I got home, I could have chosen to take it easy and do it on Sunday. But I just liked the idea not to do anything at all on Sunday but reading!  I decided to go for it anyway and did bedroom and bathroom. After that, I baked ginger bread. I will probably bake every week ginger bread. I realise that ginger bread is a good replacement for chocolate when I want something sweet. And it is very easy to bake, my mixer and the oven do the work. The only thing I have to do is put ingredients together and turn the oven on.d96ed27bb986d892ab4688d6ee9d1c92_moms-with-kids-breaking-the-lazy-mom-day-clipart_752-524

That way I didn’t had to do anything yesterday. Just read whole day. In the afternoon I sat on my balcony and enjoying the sun. It was a very relaxing day. I read a lot and turned out according to Goodreads I am 17 books ahead of my schedule, my challenge was for this year to read 70 books instead of 80 because I have few books that aren’t easy to read and will take more time. I saved the hardest/thickest book for the Goodreads challenge at the end. I am not sure or that is a smart thing to do. Time will tell.

In the evening, I didn’t know what to watch. I just finished a serie on Netflix and not sure, with which serie I want to start. I decided to watch few animated films, like Aristocats. I enjoyed watching it.

It was a good day yesterday.


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