Hebban Reading Challenge

I take part of a Dutch reading challenge, called Hebban reading challenge.

Hebban reading challenge add something extra that Goodreads don’t have, categories challenge (found out recently they do have that challenge too). To make the challenge extra fun they set up 50 categories and 7 jokers. I definitely enjoy it, because I started to read books I might have never wanted to read or force to grab a book from my own pile that I have but never read it.

One more category to go!

As far as possible, I will put down the titles in English. I will add the letters “E” (read it in English) and “D” (read it in Dutch).

  1. A book that has more than 500 pages
    ‘Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell’ – Susanna Clarke (E) (wasn’t that great, quite disappointed book)
    ‘The Once and Future King’ – T.H. White (E)
  2. A book from the 19th century
    ‘The Strange Case of dr. Jekyll & mr. Hyde’ – R.L. Stevenson (D)
  3. A book that made into a film
    ‘The Twins’ – Tessa de Loo (D)
  4. A book with average Hebban stars of 2 or less
    ‘Accident of marriage’ – Randy Susan Meyers (D)
  5. A funny book
    ‘Good Omens’ by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman (E)
  6. A book that is been released this year
    ‘Het boek van de Baltimores’ – Joël Dicker (D)
  7. A debut novel of Flemish author
    ‘De Metsiers’ – Hugo Claus (D)
  8. A trilogy
    ‘The Nostradamus Prophecies’ – Mario Reading (D)
    The Mayan codex’ – Mario Reading (D)
    ‘The Third Antichrist’ – Mario Reading (D)
    ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar children’ – Ransom Riggs (D)
    ‘Hollow City’ – Ransom Riggs (D)
    ‘Library of Souls’ – Ransom Riggs (D)
  9. A book that was released in the year that you was born
    ‘Onder Professoren’ – Willem Frederik Hermans (D)
  10. A book that you finish in one evening
    ‘Oh, the places you’ll go’ – Dr. Seuss (E)
    ‘Per Ongelukt’ – Simon van der Geest (D)
  11. A book without human character
    ‘The Loop’ – Nicholas Evans (D) (disagree with this option that Hebban gave me, because it was with lot of human characters)
  12. A book that won a Hebban Award
    ‘Heksenkind’ – Marijn Adelmund and Iris Compiet (D)
  13. A book of an author with your initials
    ‘De groene scarabee’ – Philipp Vandenberg (D)
  14. A book that you burrow from you neighbour
    My neighbours don’t read that much, so I cross this one of and use joker instead.
  15. A forbidden/banish book
    ‘Animal Farm’ – George Orwell (E)
  16. A book that you absolutely don’t want to read
    ‘De Cock en de rituele moord’ – Baantjer (D) (it was not that bad as I thought but I don’t feel the urge to read his other books)
  17. A biography 
    Het felle leven van Jacoba van Beieren – Wim Povel (D)
  18. One of the most bought but less read book
    ‘The Silmarillion’ – J.R.R Tolkien (D)
  19. Tenth novel of the author
    ‘Palmwijn’ – Adriaan Dis (D)
  20. A short stories collection
    ‘Stone Matrass’ – Margaret Atwood (D)
    ‘Mrs Rosie and the Priest’ – Giovanni Boccaccio (E)
  21. A graphic novel (I read a lot Graphic Novels, love it)
    ‘End: Elisabeth’ – Barbara Canepa (D)
  22. A book full of romance
    ‘Zand erover’ – Eslbeth Witt (D)
  23. A book that you find to scary
    ‘Joyland’ – Stephen King (D) (honestly, this wasn’t that scary)
    ‘The Shining’ – Stephen King (D)
    ‘Dr. Sleep’ – Stephen King (D)
    ‘Trapped’ – Dean Koontz (D)
    ‘Rosie’ – Stephen King (D)
    ‘Dairy of Ellen Rimbauer’ – Ridley Pearson (D)
    ‘Kwade geest’ – Mark van Dijk (D)
  24. A book of selfpubber
    ‘De dode kamer’ – Bronja Hoffschalg (D)
  25. A book of a Scandinavian author
    ‘Het meisje met sneeuw in het haar’ – Ninni Schulman (D)
    ‘De test’ – Hjorth and Rosenfeldt (D)
  26. A book that happened in the future
    ‘Divergent’ – Veronica Roth (D)
    ‘The girl with all the gifts’ – M.R. Carey (E)
  27. A book that was your favourite in your childhood
    Crusade in jeans – Thea Beckman (D)
  28. A book with a number
    ‘1984’ – George Orwell (E)
  29. A true story
    ‘De belofte’ van Nadine Ahr (D)
  30. A book with colour in title
    ‘The Color Purple’ – Alice Walker (D)
  31. A book that is well-known but you haven’t read it
    ‘The Rosie Project’ – Graeme Simsion (D)
  32. A non-fiction book
    ‘Vlucht uit het land van de vrijheid’ – Anna Meijerink (D)
  33. A book with one word title
    ‘Kapot’ – Carry Slee (D)
  34. A book that is about other continent
    ‘Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother: Stories of Loss and Love’ – Xinran (D)
  35. A book that was on your exam reading list but you haven’t read (cross this one too, because I read them all and use a joker instead.)
  36. A book of an author I never heard of
    ‘De donkere dag’ – Yrsa Sigurdardottir (D)
  37. A detective
    ‘The Monogram Murders’ – Sophie Hannah (D)
  38. A book is written by someone that is younger than 30 years old
    ‘The First Fifteen lives of Harry August’ – Claire North (D)
  39. A romantic book by male author
    ‘The Divide’ – Nicholas Evans (D)
  40. A book about history
    ‘Mary Anne’ –  Daphne Du Marier (D)
    ‘Lustrum’ – Robert Harris (D)
    ‘Gebleekte ziel’ – Reggie Baay (D)
  41. A book made you cry
    ‘The Invention of Wings’ – Sue Monk Kidd (D) (sorry, it didn’t made me cry, but it was very good)
  42. A book with very long title
    ‘Pogingen iets van het leven te maken. Het geheime dagboek van Hendrik Groen’ (D)
  43. A magical book
    ‘The chronicles of Narnia’ – C.S. Lewis (D)
  44. A book that you have it in possession for long but not read it
  45. A youth classic
    ‘Winter in Wartime’ – Jan Terlouw (D) (is a Dutch classic)
    ‘Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator’ – Roald Dahl (E)
  46. A book that is recommended by TV-show DWDD
    ‘The Circle’ – Dave Eggers (D)
  47. A book that is recommended by library
    – ‘De dochter van de Toragh’ van Tisa Pescar (D) (unique in the way that leading girl is lesbian, that makes it different from all those other Young Adult books)
  48. A book with unhappy ending
    ‘A series of unfortunate events: The Bad Beginning’ – Lemony Snicket (E)
    ‘A series of unfortunate events: The Reptile Room’ – Lemony Snicket (E)
  49. A debut novel by a very successful author
    ‘Parnassia’ – Josha Zwaan (D)
  50. Free choice
    ‘Wolf’s Cross’ – S.A. Swann (D)
    ‘Ranger’s Apprentice’ – John Flanagan (D)
    ‘The Little Prince’ – Daphne Du Marier (E)
    ‘Defeat Depression’ – Dr. Sabina Dosani (D)
    ‘Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t stop Talking’ – Susan Cain (D) (reading it now)

Joker category (finished)

  1. Brrrr, freezing cold
    Winter boek – Gerbrand Bakker (D)
  2. Schwob
    ‘The Doll’ – Boleslaw Prus
  3. Mini library
    ‘Children of Amarid’ – David B. Coe
  4. Literary horoscope
    Het feest van de eeuw – Judith Eiselin (D)
  5. Spiritual
    Eat Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert (D) (it wasn’t full of romance but very inspiring)
  6. Poetry
    De mooiste gedichten – Leo Vroman (D)
  7. Thriller canon
    Hoofden op hol – Havank (D)

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