Restless legs

Every year around this time, my legs are getting restless at night. It is annoying because it affects my sleep. I have been sleeping badly for a week. I had mixed feeling about my appointments last weekend.  If it was up to I would have cancelled it but then again I also know I will enjoy it.

Last Friday I went to the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’. I enjoyed it but I still prefer the animated version. I had a nice evening and it was relaxing. Luckily, my friend wasn’t the only man that evening. When we sat down, it was look like he was the only man. He wasn’t eventually.

Saturday my lifelong friend came over. It was a nice moment for both of us to chat without interruption of her kids and be careful what you have to say. We needed that. We talked a lot about everything and we going to try to do that every three months. I love her kids but it is nice just to chat about everything without her kids being around and keep asking for attention. And if I am there I like to play with the kids or listen to their stories. I was busy the whole day on Saturday, baking cake, clean a bit, helping my sis and all that. I was looking forward to Sunday.cg533de4ceeb6fd

That night I was hoping that I would make a good night sleep, but nope! That was the shortest and worst night of the week. I slept for a two hours, then been awake for 2 hours, after that I decided to text my American friend. I mean… she is at least awake for every other friends were asleep. It was nice chatting with her and helping her out with some stuff. After that, it was 6am and I had two options. Stay awake or get some sleep. I decided to try to get some sleep. Wrong! After keep turning repeatedly, I finally fell asleep and slept for two hours. I felt more tired than at 6am. And because of me feeling so tired I started to eat unhealthy in the morning and kept eating healthy snacks in the afternoon. I felt I needed to eat to stay awake, feel less tired. In the evening, I decided to skip TV and read. I have been reading whole day and it felt good. In the evening, I decided to take something against restless leg. I am not keen on taking that one but I had no choice if I want to have a good night sleep.

I fell asleep right away and slept the whole night. Finally! I don’t like this medicine because it affect me strongly if I take it more than two nights in a row. But I will not be stubborn and take it in Friday if it is needed. The weather is cooling down, so my nights might be better again.
I am however grateful that I don’t have restless legs the whole year around but only period of the year.


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