Finally cleared up the shed

Last week I decided to work without planning. I did write down a week planning, but no daily and menu planning. Last night I started to feel a bit restless. I wasn’t sure I manage to do some things I planned this week. I feel I haven’t accomplished everything I had on the list.

I did finally clear out the shed. It was really full and messy. I did plan two afternoons because I needed help from my parents. On Monday, my mom helped me sort stuff out, what to stay and what to go. I fear the most stuff could go. As you might know, I have been trying to minimising stuff the last few years. I do well in my living area but there was still too much stuff in the shed. I always could ignore it. Just put my bike there, close the door and go to my flat. Lately I was started to get a bit annoyed by it.
As I said, the most stuff could go it felt good. At the end, there was still one corner to do but we both felt tired and there was no space to clear out that part. The next afternoon my dad came with his car, it bigger than mine and I had so much stuff that could go that it wouldn’t fit in mine. The car was completely full to recycle centre. It felt good to dump my stuff there and coming home, opening the shed and be able to breathe. I now have space for like 5-6 bikes, maybe even more. Two bikes are enough!ClosetCartoon2

Wednesday I had lunch with a friend. We went to a lunchroom that is run by people with mentally disability. I always love to go to places like that. It was noisy but lunch was so yum! It is funny, we only live about half hour apart but see each other only twice a year. For us fine and we can talk for hours about anything. When I got home and wanted to put away my bike and I suddenly thought, you know what, let do that last corner. I was done in half hour. I created a small corner where I can put stuff for recycle centre, a box for charity and a box maybe. Every year I want to go through the box maybe. If I haven’t miss it then it go to recycle box or charity box. It feels good to have the shed that organise and having those boxes to prevent me for stacking stuff up again!

I really have incredible lots of space now and I feel happy and proud about it. It just feels good to have got rid of all those stuff. But I did made a great discovery. Few weeks I thought, to bad I threw away some comic books years ago. I would have loved to read it again, as it turned out I never threw it away but had it in a box. I was so happy!

Yes, I try to minimalise but not on comic books or books. There are limits!

Anyway… I do need daily and menu planning it gives me structure. I go back to use those planning because it simply just work for me.


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