Watching documentary about wildlife

Last weekend I was watching on Netflix ‘Growing up Wild’. I love documentaries about wildlife. I have a box of BBC Earth/WWF and I enjoyed watching it.

It is as wildlife is soft, sweet, hard, cruel, divers, loner, family and goes on. When one animal kill another I have different response. It depends on what kind of animal is the prey and what kind is the hunter. It sounds unfair but it is as it is. I am not a huge fan of crocodile so I am happy when a crocodile fails. But I can be happy when a cheetah succeed. However, I had mixed feeling when I saw a mom cheetah hunting an antelope. I was sitting at the edge of my couch. Hoping she would succeed but at the same time I am hoping that the antelope will survive.

Also during this documentary, a poor baby macaque was so lonely. He was of the lowest rank among macaques, because of that everyone ignored him. He was not going to be fed, he already had to do it all by himself. I was so sad and thinking I hate you all stupid 'Spread your wings now.'  'Bugger off, you weirdo.'macaques! The way he was sitting, really so sad! And then my eyes start to watered. O gosh, don’t cry, it will be alright. The man who did the commentary said ‘if he not getting help he would die!’ O shut up! Don’t say those awful things!
Then there was the leader of the group that has a heart! He adopted the little one and I saw how that little one blossom. I was like, aaaw, so happy!

When there is a documentary about all those creepy bugs and spiders, I am like, why am I watching it? Because you love wildlife, you love those kinds of documentaries. Yeah… but spiders! Really! Some are terrible, scaring huge! When I have watch that I always have to check my bedroom to make sure there are no creepy huge spiders. I mean, you never know. They might have crawled out TV like that girl from the movie ‘The Ring’. And yet I keep watching because it is very intriguing and that way I learn a lot. After all, I won’t be able to travel around the world and go to all those places. Sometimes I envy those people who do this but when it is raining there, I am like, nuh, let them do it. I just stay home, dry and watch it on TV with a bowl of popcorn.

I used to be a member of the Dutch WWF. I also adopted a sea turtle. At WWF you can adopt an animal and I did it. In my mind, I call the turtle Sealoo. And as birthday present I adopted for my three friends an animal of their choice. With that money, they can help those animals out there. Sadly, because of my low income, I have to cancel my membership and I can’t give more friends that kind of present. But all my air miles goes to foundation AAP. That way I feel like I can help a bit.



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