New habit/ritual: writing daily journal

At this moment, I have a new ritual/habit. Every morning I write a half hour in my journal. In a way, it feels like a meditation moment. I’m used to that now; it helps to clear my mind. The next thing to work on, don’t write about what I did yesterday or plan to do tomorrow. Just write about this moment, what I want to do today.
However, I do feel sometimes I need to write down what happened to reflect on it or to take away the restlessness in my head. Maybe I should write a bit too in the evening when I feel I needed to. And again only about that day, no reflecting about yesterday or thinking about tomorrow.

I know, it is way easier said than done! How often haven’t I write down about yesterday or about tomorrow. I don’t think is that bad to write about tomorrow as long as isn’t always about tomorrow. What comes about yesterday/the past, it’s something I have to learn. Especially when I snacked unhealthy again or didn’t to something of my to do list or… There is always something to find negativity in the past. By writing about it can bring back that negative f085f90514a48412dae7538c29ed72f6aeeling again and another proof to myself, I failed again. But if I write it in the evening about how that day went, than I can let it go. I start the new day fresh.

I know it won’t be easy and I wonder will I be able to write an half hour without reflecting on yesterday. It will be a nice test to find out. I do find it relaxing, I set alarm for 30 minutes and turn on the music. And somehow the time fly by. I always close of with ‘I am good enough’. A reminder to myself, that I am good enough. Writing this down I come up with another good closure, it will be a good day! New closure will be ‘I am good enough and it will be a good day!’
See, sometimes writing a blog even helps me to reflect on things too and come up with some things that might help me to make progress. I also want take this mom
ent to say thank you for putting up with me and following me, I really appreciate it.

Anyway, I have written journals on and off. But the last couple week I started to write everyday in the morning and I really like it. I have tried few years ago to write on my laptop or tablet but I prefer the old fashion way, just pen and paper. The only thing I haven’t found is the right notebook yet. I used to have those that are more expensive but I can’t afford it. I do have many other cheaper notebooks, better use those first before I spend my money on a new one.

Wish you all a lovely weekend!


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