Old bad habits don’t die easily

Old bad habits don’t die easily!

Last Saturday on my way home I had to buy something and out of habit I bought something not good, a bag of M&M’s, a small one, but still…
I paid the price yesterday, hello, look who we got here… Migraine! It got worst during the day. I skipped watching TV. I am however, the lucky one that still is be able to read while having migraine. Went to bed very early and read in bed for few hours. Then I wanted to try to sleep but apparently sleep wanted to punish me too for being such an idiot and it did not show up! I had to take something so I could sleep, beat you to that!

Migraine is now very mild. But never again I will take M&M’s! My body system can’t stand it anymore. I should be happy about that, hopefully with that my bad old habit has died!

This morning in bed, my imagination run around. I suddenly realise that this is an old downloadhabit that just don’t want to die! Then my imaginations started a movie in my head, that old habit is some kind of monster that is hard to defeat, it just don’t want to die! I tried to figure out how that kind of monster looks a like… It changes from that Alien to Dragon to Godzilla… But they were defeated, however I believe that Alien kept coming back, after all there have been few movies about it, so I guess that is the look of my old habit. Now thinking of it… it makes sense because that famous Alien moment was that it popped out the stomach. And that is where the food stick around before it goes further downwards.
I know I have sometimes very lively imaginations. I used to write short stories, that was fun.

Anyway, even though I am working on new habits/routines, some old bad habits are hard to stop or to change. I have to accept that it will take some time to change some of it. I do have now more healthier habits than bad ones. I do make progress. And some bad ones are gone, but this one, is a hard one, a stubborn one, sadly connected to sugar addiction. And addiction like that is hard to defeat. But at least my taste start to change, or better yet, my body and the response to it. Someday there will be no more Aliens. It was fun to let my imagination run free, especially how I wanted to kill it. I figured out all kind of weapons, bow and arrow, grenade, heavy tanks, lasers, kung fu, etc… Someday one of those weapons will finally defeat that Alien!

I wish you a wonderful Monday!



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