About few books I have read

I recently finished five stories of Agatha Christie about Tommy and Tuppence. In 2015 there was a serie on BBC, Partners in Crime. It was my first encounter with those characters. I have enjoyed that show very much.
I rather read first before I watch. But in this case I had no time to read it before it was aired. When I read this book, I truly enjoyed it and I have to say the serie was a bit different here and there but it was Tommy and Tuppence all right. Their interaction on TV made me laugh but so did the book. I love how different they are and react differently on some situations. I have honestly not read much of Agatha Christies book but I do know her work from TV shows like Miss Marple or Poirot. My parents have all her books; I for sure will borrowing it from them. I read this book because of Goodreads challenge and there is another Agatha Christie book on the list because of this challenge.51-86V2WJKL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

A friend of mine is a fan of Freya North, so I borrowed a book from her, The turning Point. I really had a hard time to put the book away. Eventually something sad happened, that was just right before I wanted to go to sleep. I needed a bit more time to get in sleep this time. It is about two single parents, one live in UK and other in Canada. It was romantic but not sugarsweet romantic. And how to deal with great lost. I for sure will borrow more books of this author from my friend.

The book, Lena is different by Nina Rauprich is one of my favourite childhood book. Every year we go to the same location for holiday. In a small is a library, we could have a membership for few weeks. That is where I read this book for the first time and since then I read it every year on that island, until I had my own copy. Because of the Goodread challenge I reread this book. It has been way to long I reread it. And again I enjoyed it. Not sure or it is translated into English.
It about a girl that is different, dare to be herself. Then she start to dream about witched, specifically about one witch. She decided to travel where the witch comes from, at the same it is also a journey to find and accepting herself.

Parnassia by Josha Zwaan, a Dutch book. It is about a relationship between mother and daughter. Mother tells her daughter about why she has become who she is now. In Second World War mother was brought to province Zeeland where she would be safer for she was a Jewish. She was very young and learned to see the foster parents as her parents and she lost her Jewish identity.
This is a part of my countries history I don’t know much. Yes, I know what happened but not that Jewish children where learned to forget that they are Jewish for their own safety. Because of that, some children turned their back on their parents after war. And because of that it had a huge impact on mother and why she couldn’t love her children or become Jewish again.
It was a very good book.



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