Which books to I take with me?

I am so looking forward to my holiday and it is not until early June. The first thing I always think of is, how many books will I take with me? Which books shall I put aside for the holiday? Not what kind of clothes and all those other stuff, but books.

The reason is, we don’t do much but reading. In my case, I also do lots of walking. I go with my parents and they walk every evening like a half hour or so. In that area, I like to hike for an hour or two hours. It is such a beautiful area with lots of green and forest.

I enjoy it every time when we are there. Every day I enjoy such a great view, looking over a valley. We stay in a very, very small town, I mean really very small town. No bakery, no butcher, no shops. We have to travel to another town to get our groceries. I love that peace, the nature surrounding us.Matilda-1-632x362

And no internet! Yes, really, no internet and you know what, I don’t miss it! Really, I don’t miss it! I do miss daily chats with few friends but for everything else, no! And no news too, satellite still doesn’t work apparently. My parents do read French newspaper and sometimes if we go to other town and they still have it a Dutch newspaper. But honestly, I try to ignore it because I am on holiday. We do take some DVD’s with us, like Miss Marple, Poirot, Murder she wrote. My parents don’t appreciate my collections of DVD’s very much except for Dickens collection. But I love watching Miss Marple and all those too. All right, a bit early, DVD’s is already out and ready to be taken to France. And I will bring few games with me. My mom and I love to play games.

Still… don’t know what books yet. I am also debating with myself, shall I take difficult books or just easy read or fun books or thick books or… Every year I encounter the same problem, which books do I take with me?

About two weeks before holiday, then I will start think about what kind of clothes, food and all other stuff. Clearly, what is very important to me… books.

I still have plenty of time to figure it out and yet it keeps going through my head, which books, which books? How I love to be a booknerd!

Wish you all a lovely weekend!


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