Morning ritual

I still write every morning a half hour. I do however have decided to do it different in the weekend. I like to stay longer in bed but by writing a half-hour before breakfast and then my breakfast will be more like brunch. I have notices I get off balance quickly in the weekends. In the weekend, I just write whenever I feel like to. It could be during the day or directly after breakfast.

But during the rest of the week I like this half hour moment. It is a nice relaxing way to start the day. Normally, I get up, shower, breakfast and get started with something. Now is just after shower first a half hour to reflect, just write. And after that my day can start. Writing every morning helps me to reflect things and I can repeat myself as often as I would like about some issues. Since this week, I start my journal with a quote. Couple years ago I had a daily calendar. Every day was a positive quote. During the year I kept those what I like the most. I had it all on my refrigerator door. Eventually it was too 20170503_092850much so I selected that really spoke to me. To be honest, I really didn’t look at it. It became just a part of interior.

This year I have a cleanup daily calendar. It contains quotes but also tips on cleanup/clearing out stuff. I was starting to think, I have to do something with it! There is a guy I follow on Instagram, he post everyday a quote and then reflect on it. I liked that idea.

I decided to write down all those quotes and advices on coloured paper and put it in a jar. Every morning I take one out, reflect on it and then put it on my refrigerator door. Every month I restart again. I might take out the same quote again or not.

It is not a struggle to sit down and write for a half hour. Last Tuesday I had to get up early, I could have chosen to skip that half hour writing and stay longer in bed. I choose not to, because I really feel relaxing to start my day that way. Some meditate, I tried, is not my thing but writing is.

I write whatever comes up in my head. My family, friends, health, positives or negatives things, struggles, worries and go one. Even if there is a moment I just don’t know anymore to write, that is what I write down and usually there is always something more. Lately I also write in the evening. Not for a half hour, just when I feel the need to reflect on something or just because I want to write and can let things go.

Some habits are easily to adapt in my daily live and some habits need more time, really more time, but that is okay.


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