Movie: Still Alice

Last week I watch a movie ‘Still Alice’, I never read the book but I have put it on my list.

It is a beautiful movie about a woman Alice that got diagnosed Alzheimer at the age of 50, too young to be diagnosed with Alzheimer. It was interesting to watch how she struggled with the knowledge that one day she might forget who her husband is or her children or her fresh born grandchildren.  How she prepared to help her future self. But also how her family try to find a way to deal with the fact that one day their mom 110228wouldn’t know who they are anymore. It was interesting to see how each child react differently.

Alice is an intelligent woman and works as linguistics at Harvard. It started with something small, forgetting where she was at that moment, forgot that she has already introduce herself to her sons girlfriend, repeating herself. All those small things were a big thing for someone like Alice, who never stumbled on words. Alice always knew what to say.

Slowly her world become smaller and smaller. There is no future anymore for her and learn to live in here and now. It is not only hard for her to live with the knowledge that some day she won’t remember her family anymore, it will be hard for her husband and her children too. Especially for her husband because, he loses his wife to young even though she is still alive. Their rolls will change; it will be no longer husband and wife but more a caretaker and a child.

It was sad to see a woman that knows that one day she won’t remember who her family is, who she was and knowing that there is no future anymore. It was really a good movie!


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