About books like LotR and …

As you know I am doing Goodreads challenge. One of the categories is a book that is mention in another book. Well, that shouldn’t be a problem… I eventually always will encounter a title that is mentioned in a book that I am reading.
Yeah… great, it did happen and it was ‘Lord of the Rings’ by J. R. R. Tolkien. I have read this book few times but it isn’t an easy read book. I decided to put this book anyway on the list for the category I mentioned above.

A friend of mine had an English version. He bought it on impulse when he was in lee-lotr_17London. He has tried to read it but I guess he never got further then a couple of pages. He doesn’t read or write that much English as I do, so, he gave it to me. Awesome, now I have in Dutch and English. It is really a beautiful English version with drawings in it from Alan Lee and all in one. In Dutch, I have three separate books of LotR with no drawings. I could choose the easy way and read it in Dutch or just choose the hard way and read it in English. Yeah… sometimes, I like to make it hard for myself so I choose the English version.

Because the book is heavy, I have decided to read it during daytime because really it isn’t a comfortable book to be read in bed. I will take all the time I need to read this book, because I want to enjoy it as I have enjoyed the Dutch version.

Because of that, I will read different books in between. So in bed I read at this moment ‘The Neverending Story’ by Michael Ende. It is one of my favourite childhood books. Another book of him, Momo, is also one of my favourite.

In the meantime I have manage to put out four books for my holiday and my dad will take one too with him for me to read there. That means I have five books, but I am not sure or that will be enough. I do have a book with me that has over 1000 pages, ‘Sarum’ by Edward Rutherfurd and it is in English. I never read English as fast as I read it in Dutch. So will it be enough? I am not sure; my fear is that I will run out of books. At this moment, I am debating with myself, one more, an English book or two… I don’t know yet, really a booknerd problem!


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