Empty and full head

I have three subjects on my list that I want to write about, but my head is a bit too empty and too full to think how to start.

I had a lovely weekend, my best friend stayed over. I already had a busy week and when the weather is getting better, which is great, but sadly, my sleeping problems always get worst. I already have sleeping disorder but when the temperature is rising, my legs are joining in with my sleeping disorder by getting restless. I do realise I am lucky that I don’t have restless legs the whole year around.

After a busy week I had a busy weekend. Saturday morning started fine until my vacuum cleaner decided not to spit out my sock I accentually vacuumed. No matter what I tried it didn’t want to come out of vacuum cleaner hose. I tried with a stick to poke it out, nothing… my stick broke and then stick nr. 2 broke. Great… the day started so well! My friend arrived. Together we looked on internet for new hose but it was cheaper to buy a new vacuum cleaner that was off sale for now. The morning went completely different! And in the afternnon I helped my sis. She told be it will be quick… but I should have known it… she wanted to buy presents for her friends and that never goes quick with her and then she kept talking with neighbour while she knew my friend was at my place. I became a bit irritated! However I have notices last week that I get irritated quickly at that this moment.

I feel that I can’t have it much for now. I just feel tired and depression is way too close for now. And I get to quickly emotional and hay fever has arrived too. Great… My head feels empty and full at the same time. I even wasn’t be able to write my journal last weekend. I empty-headhave notice I really missed it. Normally my friend sleep in long on Sunday but he was awake early too this time and that was a shocking experience. I always enjoyed a peace moment before he wakes up and this time I didn’t had it. I had hoped to be able to write Sunday morning but nope.

I thought this morning why am I not writing journal on my tablet or laptop? I have tried that but somehow I find it easier to write it in my notebook and yet sometimes I think if I do it on my laptop then I can write more. But it is not going to work because than I lose the purpose of why I am writing. To be in the moment, it is not about fast and more, but be in the moment of writing, reflecting. I do that way better if I write in the ‘old fashion’ way.

I so look forward to my holiday. For now I just take one day at a time, day by day. And as you might have notices, a bit jumping around post today.

How was your weekend?

I wish you all a lovely Monday!


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