Body Image and Social Media

Social Media can be positive or negative. There was a research that Instagram was the most negative and YouTube the most positive, especially vlogs. Maybe I should vlog too, nuh… I don’t like to hear myself talking, I rather write. I do admire those people who can vlog, because I am like, hmmm yeah… what should I talk about, I dunno… O gosh did I do that with my lips, my hair looks weird today or did I pronounce the word right in English (after all, is not my first language) and beside people with hearing problem will not be able to follow what I am talking about. At the same time I think, why not. Who cares. But still, nuh.

I however do love Instagram. Just scrolling through. But I do understand why people get insecure and unhappy of all those pictures of how wonderful other people’s lives are, how they looks and go on. I don’t follow those people. Beside, is their live really that perfect? I follow other introverts, people that draw about their lives, other booklovers, publishers, few famous people and few other things. Sometimes I start to follow an account because I think it might be interesting, like exercises, healthy lifestyle. But as soon as I notice it is always the same or they want to send a message that you should look like that, I stop following it. Because I am me, I look different than you. We all are different.

Funny thing is we know that none of us is perfect and yet we all strive for perfection. We want to look like that person we see on commercial or in magazines or on social media or… Honestly, I did that too. I had a major overweight and I kept comparing myself with my sister. Not only with her but also with what the media is displaying. It took a long time but bit by bit I have lost weight, I am still not there yet. Instead of being proud of how far I have come, I am still not happy because I still haven’t reach my goal. Now I want to be proud of how far I got and how much I have lost. I want to be proud of what I have accomplished. I don’t want to look like my sister because I never did and my body is different than hers. The funny thing is, my sister looks great and have a healthy weight keep thinking that her legs are thick. I am like, really, seriously!? That only shows that every one, no matter what size you have, can think that way, can be insecure. On the other hand, there are enough women with whatever size they have, they are happy.

Two good friends of mine have watched the documentary ‘Embrace’, so I decided to watch it. Now I want to learn to think different about myself. I do want have a healthy lifestyle (no diets for I do not believe in it, but just healthy food and exercises) but at the same time be happy with where I am today and what I have accomplish. Just be happy with what I am doing and how I look.

What is your favourite social media and why?

Have a nice Monday!


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