a bit of this, a bit of that

I am very restless today. I have difficulty to focus on one thing at a time. I have been at my laptop for almost two hours and haven’t done first the things that was on my list. And now I am clearing out paperwork. Really, have to do it. I just made a start.

Clearly, it was needed and now I manage to get two folders into one. Car and my flat are now in one folder. It really feels good to be able to clear out and minimalise a bit more. Next project will be go through a box full of manuals and receipts. I am pretty sure that a big part of it can go. And will put the rest in a folder. I am not going to put in a box anymore because it is easier to find it when it is in a folder. I also have a draw full of it in the kitchen. I will pfree-vector-restless_064328_restlessut it all together. That is a project for after my holiday.

So, that feels good. The rest of the afternoon, I will take it easy because it is a hot day and my living room can go up to 30 Celsius. That means reading and just being lazy. I think I finally found a way to keep my flat a bit cool. I hope that it will work because last night was very warm in my bedroom and it took a while before I finally got some sleep. I even tried to sleep in my living room but it didn’t work, is not my bed. I did cool down and after that I slept few hours. Hopefully I will sleep better tonight.

I also have trouble with restless legs and I saw in Instagram something about magnesium oil. I tried it now for three nights and I must say it really helps.  My legs are way less restless. I am happy I tried it because I am very sceptical about those things but I am surprise that it works.

It is lunchtime.

Wish you all a lovely weekend!


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