Few more days

Few more days and then I am off to France for about two weeks. I look so forward to it. I have packed already many things and done many things and yet I feel like I still have soooo much to do. As usual every time when I go on holiday, I feel like that.

But there isn’t much to do except cleaning my flat. The last few days it has been very hot that I really didn’t do much. I rather put my energy in preparing for holiday. Dust will be there any way when I come home.

I just print out few routes for walking. I hope I will be able to walk a lot. At this moment, the pain is back in my calf muscle and ankle. I have no idea why, maybe because it very 6a00d8341d417153ef0128757b8506970c.pngwarm. To warm too exercise in my flat. So may it is just because of that. When I come back from holiday, I will make a doctor appointment, to check out why I have this pain there. However, I will walk as much as I can there and depending on the pain, it will be a long or short walk.

I keep asking myself, do I have enough books with me? I know I can take my tablet with me and then I am sure that I have enough with me. But I prefer real books, less tiring for my eyes. I have already picked out a book that I will start on the road to France, ‘Sarum’ by Edward Rutherfurd.

One thing I will miss is Roland Garros. Satellite isn’t working there so no TV and there is no internet at the chalet we staying. However, I don’t mind that there is no internet and normally I wouldn’t mind not be able to watch TV but I like to watch tennis. It is not the end of the world and will be able to watch Wimbledon.

I think I will have to make a list of things I have to do before I leave. Otherwise, it will stay restless and busy in my head.

Have a nice Monday!


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