I am back!

I had a lovely time in France! It was a quiet time. If we went to a town for grocery shopping (the village where we were staying has no grocery shops) and we came across more than two cars between two points that was a very busy traffic. My parents and I get in shock if we see car three passing by and call traffic jam! Yeah… I live in the Netherlands in the busiest area of the country. So it was nice to be there in a very quiet place.

I walked a lot, not sure or my calf and ankle agreed with me that I went for a climb/walk. I rather ignored it and went out. There is a chapel on the top of a hill. Is not that high but it is steep to walk. It is more like climbing to it. I just enjoyed to walk/climb, it felt good.

I read a lot but not many books. It took me 10 days to read ‘Sarum’ by Edward Rutherfurd, but  I enjoyed reading it. I have now five books of him. TV did work so now and then we watch Roland Garros and in the evening we watched something of our collection DVD’s. Like Amadeus, wonderful movie, Murder she wrote, two series of BBC adaption of Dickens and that is it I think.

We had rain, seen rainbow, hail, sun, sun, clouds, blue sky, sun, rain, sun, blue sky, a bit clouds here and there. So we had almost all kind of weather, I would have loved to see some lighting bu19059875_10213283728635991_2989324917708045669_nt then again I should not wish for so much.

It was nice to be out and away from home. As every year when I come back from it, I make few decisions. I did eat there healthier and with help of my parents, I manage to cut out many refined sugars. I will continue so at home. I will also not watch every evening TV, at least two evenings.

What I also loved about it was that I don’t have internet. In Europe, you still have to pay extra for for using internet in a different country. Since June 15, on the day we left for home, has change. Now you don’t have to pay extra and only use internet data you already pay for each month.  But I still think if I go again that I will turn it off for the most part of my holiday. Even though I missed, chatting with my friends it was also the time where I can really relax and have a total me-time.
Back home I am be online too much again. I want to change that too. I will no longer play games but do crossword puzzle or Sudoku. I just want to change few things that gives me more peace. An no Facebook in the weekend, I really liked that.

Anyway… lots of plans and want to do, let’s see how it will last 😉

Anyway, I am back!


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