O my…

I am home for a week and gosh what a week. It has been extremely hot and I have no air-conditioning in my flat. In some area of my country was code red that means that fire trucks are located on places there is high risk for possible fires, mainly nature areas. Today it starts to cool off; the weather will be much cooler now. I have opened everything so my workplace will cool down too. That is very often the hottest place in my flat. Because of that my structure/planning didn’t work this week. Instead of exercise in the evening, I did that in the morning, directly after I woke up.  My morning ritual hot-sun-coolingcompletely changed.

It was too warm to write in my journal or to draw. Somehow, I find it hard to do it in my living room at my dinner table. I tried to draw at my dinner table because somehow I am less focus. I used to draw in my working space. The only thing that went well was working on my laptop down stairs. I especially spend some time on my administration. I know I am very early with it, really very early… but I already have set up for 2018. Because somehow my theoretically budget planning 2017 somehow doesn’t match with reality. For 2018 I set up a bit different kind of administration in hope that I can match it. However I have been able to save money with my low income and I am proud of that. By having a strict budget planning really works out. Even though it means I can’t buy any books I like or comic books. Or say yes some nice gatherings like with Josh Groban fanclub. I have to make choices and I rather spend quality times with my good friends and have lunch with them.

This morning I wrote two columns for online magazine. Next week I don’t have to write one. I am glad about that because then I will go see my friend in Zeeland and spend a night there. On Saturday, visit my other friend who lives not that far from it and spend there a night. I look forward to it. On Monday after that weekend I go spend a day with my friend at what we call Avifauna. It all about nature and birds I believe. It is not that far from me and yet I have never been there! Weekend after that no appointments, I need to recharge again.

I do notice I have a hard time to get back in daily routine today. But that is okay, the whole week has been different. Hopefully I get a bit on back on track next week.

I wish you all a lovely weekend!


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