Planned to take it easy…

I had a busy weekend, but lovely one, I went to Zeeland (no not New Zealand, I wish, still).
On Friday I stayed overnight at friends place. We went shopping for fishes in her aquarium. It was her birthday last week and she got aquarium as present. But it need to be filled with fishes. For the rest of the day we did lots of talking.

Saturday after lunch, I went to see my other friend and her family. Still after almost 20 years I enjoy their company and always leave with a good feeling. Saturday afternoon I with my friend to downtown in Middelburg. There was an Italian weekend. But it was a bit disappointment. We did walk around because it has been a long time that I was there. I enjoyed it because I love old buildings and the rich history it has.

In the evening we watch Dr. Who, and seriously… have to wait till Christmas! All those hints about female Timelords, will there be a female Dr. Who? Seriously, an open end? Luckily, it didn’t kept me awake. Later in the evening, my friend and I went to the cinema. We went to see the movie ‘It comes at night’. It was a good movie, but it was absolutely not a horror movie. We expected to see a horror movie and it was more a psychological thriller. Everyone in the room felt the same way, really was that it, was 72120-jpgthat horror? When the disappointment disappeared, I can say it was really a good movie, intriguing.

Sunday we relaxed and in the afternoon I went home.

Monday I went with my friend to Avifauna, a birdzoo. I have never been there and it is only a half hour away from me place. I had a nice time and learned a few things. The weather was nice and we enjoyed it!

Yesterday, try to remember what I did yesterday morning… Cleaning and done few small things. In the afternoon, my mom came over and we transfer plants from the planter to the pots. Then place the herbs and vegetable in the planter. I wanted the last few months to have herbs and vegetable in the planter. Last weekend I was with my friend at garden centre and I bought few of those plants. That is my next step in my healthy lifestyle.

This morning I woke up and thinking, more feeling, I really need to take it easy the rest of the week. My body is a bit aching. However, when I called for an appointment to see the family doctor, I could already go this morning. After that I decided to do few small things in the mall. In the afternoon I wanted to take a rest but I have to go back to the mall and I might go downtown to buy new shoes, because I really need one. Even though I rather want to wait but I have to.

So it is after all a busy week.


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