TV serie ‘Broken’

Last Tuesday was the last episode of BBC serie ‘Broken’. It is not a happy serie, every episode had a sad story.

Some moments I find it shocking how people react or deal with difficulties, what they do to survive. Sometimes I find it hard to think that this is the reality for so many people. But what do you do to survive? How far will you go? In this case, how can you still believe in God? Especially as a priest, seeing all that misery passing by, how can you still have faith? I think I will never understand that part because I have been raise without any religious background and have respect for everyone. I have few friends that truly believe in God and they don’t share the same church (I mean by this catholic/protestant/baptist). That way I learn to see how they see and learning they have different perspective about their faith but that there are also similarities.IMG_8718

In ‘Broken’ I see a priest that care for people, maybe a bit too much. That he is open minded, he does not outcast people because they are different or does not fit in religious picture. But he is also a man with his own issues. I think because of his own struggles, he can understand some people better. He really care for the people whether they are part of his community or not.

It makes me think and thinking how lucky I am with my live. Even though it hasn’t always been easy but it has been good. I have roof over my head, I can eat every day, still can go out with my friends, I learning to know myself better. I tried to not judge those people on the serie but it was hard not to. We all judge. Writing this makes me think of the conversation I had last Friday with me friend and her friend. They both believe in God. And I do know that in the bible said, thou shalt not judge. There are many bibles and it might be written in different way, but it means all the same.  And yet we all do, whether we like it or not, whether we believe in something or not. I try not to, but I do judge. One thing I have learned, even though I might judge a person but I will always listen to her or his story so I can change my point of view of that person or not. I have learned to be open-minded and respect others. We all have a story and most stories happened behind closed doors.

We have a saying in Dutch, elk huisje heeft z’n kruisje. Every home has his cross to bear. And this is what this serie is about. We all have our sorrows, but we don’t show all of them to the world. We judge people base on what we see, know and the way we have been raise.

I love the title of that serie, Broken, because they were all broken in way or the other.

I wish you all a lovely weekend!


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