Become director of my head

Last week I did an online course to clear up my head. I have mentioned it before; sometimes it is just too crowded. There was free 5 days challenge online. I did it and I don’t know why but in a way it helped. I decided to take a course, my guts told me to do it. I have learned over the years to trust my guts.

Last week I did the online course. I had to draw how my head felt. During the course, I had to draw how I would like it. At the end I had to draw how it is, a huge different. In my first drawing was lot of emotions, negative thoughts going around my head. That creates no space for anything else. I didn’t realise it. Second drawing was more overview but I still had created too much space for negativity. Even though it was all nice in my shelves, it was still there in my head.

By the end of it, I removed it all. I only have two bookcases in my head and three outside my head and a home in my heart. In my head, there is only space for a close bookcase of what to do, appointments and administration. I only open it when I need it. Other is an open bookcase about healthy lifestyle, eating healthy, walking, exercise, no more refined downloadsugars. By have it open bookcase I can reach it to easier. I also have notice I ate healthier last week. I only had snacked twice (second time was in the cinema). Outside my head are three close bookcases with subjects work, drawing and knowledge (books, movies, etc). In my heart is a home where my family and friends belong.

Since I did it I feel more relaxed, I even notice I walk straight, I even sit straight on my bike. And now behind my desk. It was kind of like that crowded head was heavy and put me down. I do have notice I have to clear up my head regular. I also have a better focus and work at one task at a time. All the information I don’t need I just flush away in a toilet. I choose for toilet to clear up the stuff I don’t need in my head.  You can choose your own things where you want to put stuff in it and how you want to get rid of it.

It is about becoming director of your head. It costs money but I feel it was worth it. I feel more relaxed and my head is not crowded anymore.

What do you do to keep your head clear? How do you declutter your head?

I wish you all a lovely Monday!


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