I guess…

At this moment I read two books.
English version of ‘Lord of the Rings’ by J.R.R. Tolkien. It takes a bit more time because I only read it during daytime because it is too heavy to read it in bed. Here is a strange thing… I find it easier to read then Dutch version. I am glad to read that many names hasn’t been change into Dutch names, like they did with the books of Harry Potter. I can understand a bit why but still, I don’t think Dutch kids would have a problem with Dumbledore (in Dutch is Perkamentus).

Second book I read in bed is ‘Northern Lights’ by Philip Pullman (also in English version). I read this for the third time. Because when I got part two and three I had to reread the first part so I could continue. Now I want to read third part, but I have to reread first two so I am into the story again.a-cartoon-girl-reading-books

Lately I have been reading lots of books in English and somehow that makes it now easier to read those two books. But today I feel like I want to read something in Dutch. The reason is that I am just very tired. After so many nights of 3-4 hours sleep and my body is aching (especially my neck), I just want to lie down on the couch and grab something I already know and it is in Dutch. But the idea to start with a third book… I already have difficulty that I read two books at the same time. Because I feel, I betray one book by reading another one in between. Like, that book doesn’t get the attention that the book deserve, might feel insulted that I read another one, is like cheating one book with another book.

Yeah… I know, they are not living things, is all in my head. Still…

Now I wondering, if I do grab book number three, will it be Harry Potter (again) or the O’Sullivan twins or a book of the author Thea Beckman or any other young adult book.

I guess I might continue with ‘Northern Lights’.

I guess I still haven’t made up my mind yet.

I guess… I don’t know

I guess I wish you a lovely day!


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