Dr. Who no. 13

Since Peter Capaldi announced to leave the show Dr. Who, the whole social media started to buzzz around, who will be the next? Will it be a female? Or will it be him or him or finally a ginger?

I texted a lot about this subject with a good friend. Somehow I was convinced that it will be a female, I mean all those hints were very obvious. Then again, it could be misleading hints. I was so thrilled to see that it will be a female. I liked Jodie Whittaker in Broadchurch. However, those characters cannot be compared. I am very curious how she will be as The Doctor.

It was so much fun to read all those reactions about the fact that the new doctor will be a female. According to some, it will be the beginning of the end of the show. Others already decided to hate the new doctor, others are filled with joy, others are bit bummed by the fact it is not a ginger. I am bummed about the fact is not a hard of hearing or deaf one.jodi-whittaker-doctor-who-13

There were people who hated Peter Capaldi as the new doctor, too old, they said. And now they hate Jody Whittaker because she is a female. There is always a group that hates the new doctor, just simply because it is the new doctor. Eventually, most of them become to love the new doctor. I liked Peter Capaldi, my friend needed a bit more time to get used to him. So, I can’t wait to see what kind of doctor Jodie Whittaker will be.

It is just, I don’t get it… Why do people hate the fact that the new doctor is a female? I mean, why didn’t they mind that Master regenerates into Missy. After all, he was a Time Lord and became a Time Lady. They are never gendered bound, I can imagine that. I mean, after all, they live for thousands of years and always be in a male body, gosh, that must be so boring! And besides The Doctor has been a girl once, so why not become a female.

I just laugh about those comments. My friend posted a picture of the new doctor and clearly happy with it. Then she got a comment, negative one. It was not right, my friend just doesn’t get it. It should be a man and my friend has no idea what Dr. Who is about. My friend asked or that person was willing to explain why not, what is wrong with a female doctor. Response ‘should be a man’. Seriously, that is all you can come up with!!

One of the great responses I found on social media was, ‘She is The Doctor, she just have regeneration. Okay? Don’t be pudding brain’. I loved that one!!

Another one, ‘But being a fan doesn’t mean you love everything about the show, it means you’ll support it and be there til the end’. I so agree!

Anyway, I can’t wait for Christmas Special!


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