The Farewell Party ( Mita Tova)

A while ago, I had recorded a movie, The Farewell Party (Mita Tova). Now and then, I record a movie that has four or five stars. I am curious why it has so many stars.

I have to say, it was a very intriguing movie about a very difficult subject, euthanasia. I am not going to open up a discussion about it, but I do believe that people have the right to end their own life when their time is up. I respect everyone opinion, it a free choice whether you want to do it or not.

It is about a group of friends that are living in a retirement home.  One of them, Max, is very sick and in pain, he wants to die. But in their country, Israel is against the law to perform any form of euthanasia. Yehezkel is an inventor, even though not all of his large_THEFAREWELLPARTY_USPostercreative work very well, he made a machine that people can end their own life with one push on the button. That way the others haven’t killed him, Max decided for himself by pushing on that button. Together with others, they make sure, there is no evidence of how he died.

People start to hear about it and ask them for help to end their life in dignity. How do they deal with that? How does Yehezkel deal with it when his wife, that has dementia, wants to end her life?
It is a difficult subject but they made sure there is a balance of seriousness and sense of humor.  The movie doesn’t bring in any religion but it is all about to die with dignity.

In my country, there is a law for euthanasia. There are lots of rules and procedure for it. It is not like they accept any request. They will make sure it is justified and not for those who are just fed up with life and might be able to change with the help from a psychologist. It is about people that have no longer a future because of an accident, are in constant pain that they need morphine to get through the day or already dying but in pain. People that choose to die in dignity and don’t have to suffer any longer. People still have to be free of their own will, only then the doctor will do it. A doctor who doesn’t know you will also ask you and the doctor will have a talk with you. Just to make sure it is your own free will and for a justified reason. It is important to inform your own doctor so it will be on your record.

I never understood why we help animal put out of misery when they are very sick and dying but we don’t do that with people. Animals can’t speak but we can and yet we force people to live with pain in their final days.

Once again, it is people free choice. And I respect your opinion as I will expect you will respect mine.



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