1 Year Blog Anniversay

Today a year ago I started this blog. I am glad that my friend kind of push me to start one again. It is not my first blog I had but at the end, it felt like I have to post something or why should I post anything, there are no readers or followers or… But it is what I want and I love to write. So if I do have followers or not that is okay.  But it is nice to have followers and readers. To be honest, it also nice if people response on my post but then again, I don’t response on all blogs that I follow so fair is fair. I really still have to find time to read the blogs I follow. It is still not a habit yet. Those blogs can give my inspiration, ideas or learn something from it. It is time to make time to create a habit to read it.

I also started with a Dutch blog because I feel there are some things I like to write and it easier to express in Dutch. Besides I like to keep this one more private, only a very few friends knows about this blog. Only that way I feel I can really be open and honest about how I feel. The Dutch one I am willing to share with my family and friends and write more about overall things and my perspective on it.33250-happy-anniversary-1.500w.tn

Last two weeks I have been not a great blogger because I was really busy. I have planned too many appointments. Almost every day I had one appointment or more and today and tomorrow, I have appointments. I look forward to next week, however; I do have to feed my sis cats every day. So it isn’t really totally appointments free. Get back to my daily structure. I feel I need that for the moment. Especially because of being so busy, I haven’t been eating well lately. I want to get back on track with that too.

But to all those that follow my blog, thank you!! I really appreciate it, never thought I will be able to blog for a whole year. Thank you!


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