Depression was on his way

Lately, I felt down again. Last week I felt depression coming up. I became emotional again and everything was too much. And I had a lot of appointments. I hesitated to cancel it or not. I didn’t because I know it will do me good. At that moment, my introversion is getting stronger. Because I had a lot of appointment last three weeks but I knew that the next two weeks I have more me time. That was for me another reason to go to my appointments.


Now I am happy that I have a bit more me time the next couple week. I really need time to energize myself again and get back to healthy lifestyle and daily structure. I am longing to get back to that. It is my own fault for planning too many appointments in short time. I have learned my lesson not to do that anymore. Now I laugh at myself, because how many times I have said that and yet to forget that lesson and make the same mistake.

Today I feel also less frustrated. I was getting lately quickly angry or impatient. And I hate that because that is not me. For me is that another sign that depression was growing inside of me and that I am just tired. I have learned what my signs of depression are and act on it. Sometimes there is no reason that I feel depress and sometimes like now, I know why. It was just a bit too many appointments and little recharge time. And now I have more recharge time and I will use it well.

I wish you all a lovely Monday!


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