New way of planning

Last Wednesday I had a lovely morning with a friend. We try to meet every 6-8 weeks. Have a drink at the lunchroom.

We talk about everything and the subject planning pass by too. She uses for two years only digital diary.  She used to be like me, nuh give me a real diary. But eventually she tried it and she never regrets it. I thought why not try it even though I just bought a new diary. Because every week writing down what I want to do and planning my whole week takes some time.

Last Wednesday afternoon I was busy with planning my dairy. I also wanted to 7e33758014ac95818449c177892de2e9--day-planners-time-managementsynchronise it with my tablet. Just in case my phone breaks down, I have a backup. But somehow it wasn’t working! Eventually, I downloaded Google Agenda on my cell phone and tablet. Finally get it synchronised!

It took me a while to work it out, especially getting synchronised, and plan the whole thing. Most things are return every week and because of that, I don’t have to plan it every week anymore. I just have it all planned out until forever put it that way. Gave all subjects different colours, now is the key to remember when I plan things, which colour to use.

I have a small cell phone and it wasn’t working that great anymore. Especially camera and I love making pictures. Lately, it just annoys me; sometimes it takes forever to make a picture. And seriously making pictures of animals you have to be quick. I wanted to buy a new one next year. But I always have said if the camera isn’t working great any more than I will buy a new one. I always have a Samsung and stick to it. Now was more thinking of the size. I decided to take a bigger size because I have noticed with my sis and my parents that it was more comfortable to work with.

Because of that, I decided this morning I would also use it for To Do list, which products are refined sugar-free and other things. It feels good to see my dinner table be paper free.

I feel now much more relaxed. Knowing I only have to plan every week my dinners. But no more planning in the weekends for the whole week while the most things are weekly to do. It is just I need a planner so I feel I manage to get things done

Time will tell or I like it to do it this way.

How do you plan?

Have a lovely weekend!


3 thoughts on “New way of planning

  1. I’ve been wanting to make the full switch to digital too, but am so in love with paper and “checking off” things I’ve accomplished. But it is nice always having my different lists with me and not forgetting it on the table. So I’m with you. May have to make the switch. I also need to make the full switch to digital calendar instead of a paper one. I use both and they never match up!!

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    • You can check off digital too. I remove what I have done and see how white that day become again. So far I like it. But then again I only just started. I do like seeing my table all cleared from paper and have everything with me. You can try it!


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